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Knowledge of genetic variation among populations will provide insight to the persistence of a species and inform conservation efforts. Fehlberg notes, ;Genetics is helpful in determining how similar populations are to one another and how connected they are. We're able to use both genetics and biological information to determine which populations are most unique and which are most threatened.;Mayo Clinic researchers have shown that a specific protein pair may be a successful prognostic(预兆) biomarker for identifying smoking-related lung cancers. The protein -- ASCL1 -- is associated with increased expression of the RET oncogene, a particular cancer-causing gene called RET. The findings appear in the online issue of the journal Oncogene. ;This is exciting because we've found what we believe to be a 'drugable target' here,; says George Vasmatzis, Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic molecular medicine researcher and senior author on the study. ;It's a clear biomarker for aggressive adenocarcinomas. These are the fast-growing cancer cells found in smokers' lungs.;The National Marriage Project's study, entitled Knot Yet: The Benefits and Costs of Delayed Marriage in America, examines the consequences of marrying later, a growing trend in the US.Microscopic sessile suspension feeders, which are made up of only one or a few cells, use hair-like or whip-like appendages to draw nutrient-rich fluid toward their bodies, filtering up to 25% of the seawater in coastal areas each day. Because they live attached to surfaces, they potentially face several challenges while they feed. For example, currents encounter resistance and slow down when they flow across these surfaces, interfering with the ability of suspension feeders to efficiently extract nutrients. The way that currents interact with surfaces may also cause water to recirculate around suspension feeders after the nutrients have been consumed.

;We got the weather data from standard weather stations, then developed predictive equations from the weather conditions and the model snake's body temperature under each condition,; Weatherhead said. ;After you've sampled the environment once, then it's just the physical relationship between those environmental factors and the inanimate snake model which very closely mimics a real snake in those same circumstances.You plug the weather data into these equations and you can tell what temperature a snake in each of those environments would be at any time,; he said.

The most recent influenza outbreak, dubbed(被称为) the ;swine flu; by the media due to its recent origin in pigs, was first reported in Mexico in April 2009. The virus has now spread worldwide, and has contributed to(促成,有助于) at least 16,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. A vaccine is now available, but the virus remains a public health concern.

Around 160,000 men in the UK have been left with little or no sex life after treatment for prostate cancer, the Macmillan Cancer Support charity says.

An oversized semi-trailer truck carrying NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) has arrived at its launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in preparation for launch. This NASA and U.S. Geological Survey mission will continue a 40-year record of measuring change on the planet from space. LDCM is the eighth satellite in the Landsat series, which began in 1972. It will extend and expand global land observations that are critical in many sectors, including energy and water management, forest monitoring, human and environmental health, urban planning, disaster recovery and agriculture.

;We found that in the zebrafish, the mouse Hoxd13 control element was capable of driving gene expression in the distal fin rudiment. This result indicates that molecular machinery capable of activating this control element was also present in the last common ancestor of finned and legged animals and is proven by its remnants in zebrafish,; says Dr. Casares.

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